install TWRP and custom ROM on kindle Fire 2 (version 10.2.6).


A second run was given after first attempt failed, to install TWRP and custom ROM on Kindle Fire 2 (version 10.2.6).

Thread i followed:

To be mentioned, on first attempt i used the first option, “Desktop”, this time I used second option “Cordless”

Finally, successfully installed TWRP, backup performed on stock ROM, CM10 deployed, Google Play deployed:)

1. Install Script Manger

2. Download AlienBox.apk

3. Open SM and find downloaded AlienBox.apk

4. Select AlienBox.apk and choose install.

5. Choose to install.

6. Once installed, touch Home icon.

7. Open app tray and touch Main Activity app.

8. Grant root access.

9. Let app run and reboot the device.

10.Copy CM10 zip to Kindle

11. reboot in recovery mode

12 deploy CM10

13 Copy google play apk, vendink apk and Google framework apk to kindle

14 used file manager to move the 3 apk-s to /system/app

15 launched each apk.


2 thoughts on “install TWRP and custom ROM on kindle Fire 2 (version 10.2.6).

  1. kindle

    Great website. I enjoyed reading your content. Keep up the good work. I will definitely come back and check your site out again soon.

  2. N2Aos

    If you run into any trouble with the build and want to go back (to start over) you can use a free Restore2Stock software at the bottom of our website All you need it TWRP installed and it will take over from their. Very simple to use.

    Dave V


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