Acer Iconia A500 frozen on ” acer ” logo, SOLUTION

Hardware Acer Iconia A500

Software Android, version 3 or 4.

Status: FROZEN in boot, with Acer logo displayed.

User guide ( if needed to understand how the buttons are positioned)


1. Download update.exe from Acer support or

(you will need an account)

2. Save to microSD on top/root folder

3. insert microSD into tablet

4. With tablet OFF

– position LOCK SWITCH towards the VOLUME buttons

– hold down the VOLUME DOWN button (closest to the tablet top), and the POWER button until screen is showing some small lines in one corner in regards to clearing cache…

-move few times the LOCK SWITCH up and down util it starts to download software and wait for the progress line (green line) to show it’s finished.

After that the tablet will reboot itself to a fresh Android installation.

CREDITS to XDA forum.

82 thoughts on “Acer Iconia A500 frozen on ” acer ” logo, SOLUTION

        1. so Post author

          Sorry to hear it Bill, did you see any specific lines on the screen when you tried to reboot the tablet? It should be specifying that is restoring (at least trying) files from, even if no SD card is inserted with the file

          If you have some other problem, sorry i couldn’t help you.

      1. Alton

        Worked like a charm. I feel like I have a new tablet. It’s been years dealing with this acer screen curse. Thanks!!!!

  1. Rafael

    Help me Please. How I Should Format my Micro Sd in Windows 7 ? Allocation unit Size ? How much Gigabytes are Required ? Fat32 ?. I have made all that your tutorial told, but my tab just in android with triangle red ? You will can send one video tutorial a how make ?.I am from brazil , have any problem much a “” be different for my Country ? Send one email for me for :

    1. so Post author

      Hello Rafael,

      1. the SD card i used was formatted under a jelly bean OS (Galaxy S2 phone). i believe is an FAT32 format, unconfirmed for the moment.

      2. I do not think you need a different update.exe , based on country etc.

      Try format the Micro SD on a Android tablet/phone and retry the procedure.

      Hope this helps!

          1. so Post author

            Hello Rafael, I am sorry to hear you still have problems after applying the procedure.

            Unfortunately, i can not make a tutorial as i no longer have the tablet, I only had it to fix it, for a friend, and seeing home many people encounter the issue i decided to write this small blog article.


  2. Ralfi

    It worked for me perfectly and the tablet was back to life in less than 5 minutes.
    You really saved my life and a lot of troubles!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Amiek

    I followed your instructions, but when the android icon starts it stops with a exclamation mark above it’s belly.

    1. so Post author

      hello, be sure to have on the SD card root the zip file, and the card to be formated as fat32 and inserted in the tablet when performing the operation.

    1. Anonymous

      Not only that – I got back to the exact state before brick – i.e., although I was ready to see a stock ROM and ready to install all my apps back, but I seemed to have got back all the apps as they were.

    1. so Post author

      hello, no need to unzip, it will be extracted by the system during the procedure.
      Just copy the zip to sdcard root, and follow the steps.

          1. Anonymous

            I did it but after it ran it goes back again to the acer logo still stuck, do i need to try the other update zip file?

  4. Anonymous

    You are a COMPLETE genius! I thought my Iconia was not coming back but following your easy steps I got her back on track! AMAZING! dude YOU RULE

  5. shahzad

    I tried above method several times but couldn’t succeeded..My tables frozen at android logo when i start the tablets it frozen on android logo just after acer logo appear.
    Tried ur method it pick the file from and then android cube keep spinning till as green lines finished . Then tablet restarted having few lines on the top mentioning
    Start updating then End updating ..then again booted and acer logo appear then again stuck on android logo which keeps blinking disappear for a second then keep on blinking.

    1. shahzad

      Bro tried 5th times again same thing happened and i left tablet with android logo keeps blinking …after 5 mins or so suddenly move to home screen showing all my previous data and widgets…..then after running for a minute or so …it went to same old mood, where android logo keeps on blinking.
      I formatted the memory card to FAT32 several time using DOS as well as windows XP and even checked file system of memory card as FAT32 but all in vain….tell me what possible error i would be having ….
      My question i used ur method using volume botton and few lines appeard on the top which picked data from …then why when andriod on for a minute showed old widgets and old wallpapers…..wasn’t all the data should be removed ????? or this only update the file system …please tell me possible solution …..i hope its not hardware prob …

      1. so Post author

        Sorry to hear it, if the procedure does not work for you, I think there are 2 possible causes:
        1. you may have a customized ROM, based on the region where the tablet was sold, and the restore fails (not confirmed if it works on non-standard ROM or not)
        2. you have a hardware issue, if the tablet has warranty, send it to repair ASAP.

        I’m Sorry could not help you more.

  6. NIcholas Saladee

    Hi, my Acer a500 has been acting weird recently, as in every time I power it off all the way, it will not reboot until I press the reset button a lot of times with a paperclip. My problem is when I try to turn the tablet on, the only thing that happens is the power button illuminates. Do you have any ideas to help?

    1. so Post author

      Hello Nicholas, never heard of this one. Maybe it’s a hardware issue or a bad contact.
      If is in warranty, i suggest you check it with the vendor before it expires. if is not in warranty, i don’t know bu maybe is worth taking it to an electronics repairs shop to have a look at it.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi there guys… Thanks enourmously… I have been with my tablet shout down months ago… I was even thinking on buying another one in the Black Friday… Thanks a lot… It works…. Those who had tried with negative results… try keeping the buttons press until the green line is complete… I was not sure if it was neccesary but i did it so, and it works…

    Once again…. I am almost climbing on walls like Spiderman…. THANKS THANKS THANKS.

  8. dashadow

    i copied the, get the messages on the tablet about booting recovery image, but then it gets to the spinning android, stays there for a few seconds, and then shows the android with the red exclamation point. any advice?

  9. Anonymous

    I got a new message now “bootloader v0.03.12-ics starting fastboot usb download protocol” What should I do. Thanks for the help!

    1. so Post author

      Hello, thanks for your message. unfortunatelly i did not get a chance to test on an acer tablet this monday, as i do not own one. But, please check my previous replyes regarding the file system on the sd card where you put the zip file, should be Fat32 format. that worjked for me!

      1. so Post author

        Hello again,

        The tablet i was performing the tests on, is finally dead, screen no longer iluminates, so I can not reproduce your problems any more (Sorry guys).

        On the acer forums,Iconia A510 thread , i saw few people were able to get it fix for free by Acer service, event if they were out of warranty.

        My sugestion is go to Acer and discuss the problem with the service.

  10. Anonymous

    I tried this and after the process finished it said update failed. ever since i cannot even turn on my tablet. It won’t buzz or do anything.

  11. Lars

    I almost gave up and was practically on my way to buy a Samsung Galaxy tab when I came a cross this site.

    I tried it out and it worked….I AM SO EXCITED….THANKS A LOT!!

    For those of you who have tried the hard reset, please note that you must press volume DOWN in this procedure….not UP. That small change made a huge different.

  12. Matthew

    This dont work it either stops at 25% (when rocking the screen slock switch) or sits at 25% for a few mins then jumps to 90% and sits there i have tried 2 SD cards same result

    1. so Post author

      Sorry to hear it. For most people work, if it does not work most probably you have a hardware issue/ motherboard replacement might be needed…

  13. Yaro Kasear

    This did not work. This is actually the SECOND image I’ve tried and the little android still ends up passed out. I am curious if the USB fastboot mode (Not that I’ve succeeded in getting into it.) can get me somewhere?

  14. Jason

    After the android has the spinning thing coming out of him he falls to the floor and has a red triangle over him.

  15. Allen

    Hi, after so many searches and so call fixes. I came across your site and your answer
    helped me fix my stuck acer at logo screen. Thank you.

    ps: make sure you direct copy the update zip into the sd card(do not unzip first). The recovery will do the rest.

    1. so Post author

      Hi, I’m glad it worked.

      For most of the people this works, for the ones encountering issues with the procedure, i think there’s a hardware issue and the motherboard must be replaced.


  16. mahesh

    Hi my acer A500 is not booting, Frozen at acer logo , i try your step’s it’s installing in few second’s and rebooting and Frozen at acer logo please help me

    1. so Post author

      Hello, if you followed the recommendations and you still encounter the issue, it is very possible you have a hardware flaw which requires motherboard replacement for your tablet…


  17. Vince

    All I can say is thank you. I went through XDA forums for over a year and tried all sorts of different things. This finally worked.

  18. Anonymous

    It worked for me! Thanks.

    I did encounter the problem someone had experienced – an exclamation mark on Android body at about 25%, what I did was to format the SD card (FAT32), re-copied the zip file to it, then followed the procedures, no problem reported after. Finally it’s back to life !

  19. S Taylor

    I’m so excited to report that with this update and instructions I have revived this old tablet that’s been stuck on the logo screen for a year and a half. It worked for me. Thank you so much!


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